Helwig F. Van Der Grinten

Master Mariner

Video produced in 2013.

Licensed U.S. Master, Steam and Motor Vessels

I am semi-retired and continue sailing as a free-lance master, mate and dynamic positioning system operator.  Recent assignments include deep water construction and diving support vessels.

  • Licensed U. S. Master, Steam & Motor Ocean Vessels; any tonnage, all oceans, 7th issue

  • Qualified as an Offshore Installation Manager

  • Certified by the Nautical Institute as a Dynamic Positioning System Operator with over 700 days of accumulated service.

  • Captain, United States Navy, Merchant Marine Reserve, Qualified Submarine Officer, honorably discharged January 2000

  • Experienced Shiphandling Instructor

  • MS in Ocean Engineering

  • BS in Nautical Science

  • Graduate of Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY

  • Experienced in vessel operations in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Mediterranean, South China Sea, North Pacific and Indian Oceans.

  • Navigator

  • Published "Pilotage Manual" for Prince William Sound

  • Author of technical manuals and marine industry related articles.

I'm married since 1977 to Rosana.  My daughter Roshel and son-in-law Joey Santos are the proud parents of my grandson Mateo.  Rosana is a seismic processing geophysicist.  She created this website for me.